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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 3, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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interview coming at with warren buffett. this monday at 9:30 a.m. on fox business. uch for watching. have a great weekend. lou: good evening, everyone. major new developments in the benghazi scandal. we began with house speaker john boehner who announced today the house of representatives will vote to create a select committee to investigate the benghazi attacks. speaker john boehner has read establishing such a committee for more than a year. despite white house defiant of correctional oversight. beaker bandit today cited the disclosure of incriminating e-mails in the white house as the motivating factor in creating a select committee. e-mails that showed been roads pushing the u.n. ambassador
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susan rice to blame the benghazi attacks on anti-islam video despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. evidence that we now know the white house was aware of her it's speaker boehner wrote that these revelations compel the house to take action to ensure the american people have the truth. i intend for them to have robust authority and bible expected to work quickly to get answers. the boehner reversal came just after there'll i set issued a subpoena for john kerry to appear before his committee. their eyes are looking for answers as to why the state department refused to release an unredacted version of the incriminating road e-mail despite five separate house and senate committee investigation into the september 11 terrorist
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attack over the course of the past 18 months. and while congress made it clear there's a stone wall around the white house on the issue of benghazi, he will not be allowed to stand. president obama today maintaining his islands and reporters allowed him to avoid any discussion of the congressional subpoena of the secretary of state and the establishment of a select committee to investigate and copy. mr. obama appeared in a joint press conference with chancellor merkel in the rose garden today. the two american reporters and they chose not to ask him about his reaction to the scandal or the committee and certainly not a question about the white house and the stone wall. one of the president's former aides is talking about benghazi. here is national security council spokesman playing stupid
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on special report with bret baier last night. >> did you also change this in the talking points? >> may be, i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> this is like two years ago. >> were talking about the process of editing talking points. that's what bureaucrats do all day long. lou: our first guest tonight says the other has a memory loss on the benghazi talking point changes that are not credible. joining us is former army vice chief of staff general jack keane, also fox military analyst. good to have you with us. >> it is good to be here. >> your reaction to the demeanor of that gentleman representing the administration. >> i think he came on with a degree of arrogance that he was
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going to tell his out of the story. and so to get new information out there from their perspective. but i think clearly he lost all credibility when he responded with memory loss to the question of bret baier about the talking points. he certainly knows what he did in precisely when he did it. given the significance of that document and what to place right afterward. >> house republicans moving onto front. speaker boehner investigating the house committee and the subpoena of the secretary of day. this looks like a defining pivotal moment in this administration and where it is headed, doesn't it? two yes, i think it is. to me, we are finally going to
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get a full account in for the american people and the american people deserve to have that. first of all, some explanation as to why this was so lacking for so long, i don't think that accountability has been there yet. number two, the so-called cover-up of information to manipulate that information to a more favorable outcome after it and who had a hand in all of that. the american people deserve to hear about that and they're finally going to hear. i wish speaker boehner had done it sooner, but it's finally going to happen. lou: armed services chairman buck mckeon coming out after the oversight committee yesterday. saying that he doesn't believe brigadier general robert lovell had a role to which he could speak to any authority on what
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transpired in the attack and then copy, saying that he wasn't serving in the capacity they gave him reliable insight into operational options available to commanders. echoing a talking point of the democrats. what do you interpret the chairman is trying to say there? >> i think both of them are right. i listen to the generals testimony and he has admitted that he's an intel officer that was not involved in the operational options are being discussed that night. as well as what options were executed. he had no hand in it. he was able to identify as others said that there was no demonstration that this was actually an attack and he expressed emotion and frustration that we could not have done something about it. but chairman mckeon said he had
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done an investigation of those who had a hand in this. he started out thinking he had something. the president authorized all forces to be available and that was the pentagon's decision. there was no delay in the use of any of those forces. so i think that he's right. and i think certainly the general is right also. lou: with all of that in front of us, what are we to discover if it turns out that the state department would be ambassador under attack, the entire staff under attack with the cia and ask rushing to their defense within 40 minutes or less, why in the world would there not be an action to defend that embassy as there would, as i would presume, if any embassy in the world were under attack by matt.
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>> the fact of the matter is that the on scene commander had no organic forces. there were no forces put on alert, given the preeminence of 9/11 and all of the act committee that was taking place in northern africa. that was another mistake. but having no organic forces, they did request this and it didn't deploy. by the time it arrived, they requested the extremist force from europe, which is also a quick reaction and they were trained in croatia, had to get back to the base and go to an airfield. and then the cia had been evacuated also. so those are the harsh facts that fact that the place. we could not get this in time, given the location, and the fact that we had no capability.
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lou: we were one of the first to report that africom, a managed forests of about 200 people spread across europe. just extraordinary reality. as always, general, it is so great to have you with us. >> it is always good to talk to you. >> the month is anticipated april jobs report showing an economy growing and booming in terms of job creation for a change. 288,000 new jobs created. the's the best monthly gain in 250,000 gain expected by most economists. also revised higher. the unemployment rate unexpectedly dropping to 6.3%.
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that's the lowest unemployment rate since september 2000 and 8. in large measure it is because the labor force participation rate stands at 62.8%. that is the lowest participation rate since 1978. more than 92 million people are not working in this country. that is more than the population of california and texas and new york combined and then some. the three biggest and most popular states. we are coming right back. stay with us. >> the nba has banned donald sterling for life.
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lou: nba owners take the first step in ousting donald sterling. but even if they subsequently have the votes to oust him, there could we a protracted legal out ahead. our next guest says that players were prepared to boycott the playoffs if they were not satisfied with the punishment of donald sterling prey to what will they do if he is still the owner next year? joining us to discuss that and much more is roger mason who last played with the miami heat and is now vice president of the national basketball players association. it is great to have you with us. >> is great to be here. >> let me turn to the latest
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thing that we just got from espn, they have a one sentence comment from donald sterling, and he feels that he should have paid her off. >> he would hold as it is one sentence, the one sentence would be a little bit more humble and maybe an apology possibly. so it's too bad. >> it was great to listen to kevin johnson speaking for the players association. as he said the commissioner is part of the owners and players of the entire league. a unity that we don't often hear
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expressed between the owners and the players on this issue. so what is your sense of the degree to which you will be able to work together. even the owners will go through this process together and in harmony? >> it is very encouraging. when i look at that job that commissioner adams has done, one of his first orders was to come in and really make himself acceptable to have an open door policy and communicate. so he backed it up in this situation. there was constant dialogue between us as players and he got our message as far as what we expected from this standpoint. and he stepped up a time to do what we all think is right. lou: charles barkley single basketball will be played next year if donald sterling still owns the clippers.
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is that a helpful message to the players and to the league or why? >> welcome i think that this situation happened and the players banded together and that was a sentiment. this guy who had all of these terrible and nasty things to say not just about race but employees that helps to make him a lot of money, there's guys that just won't stand for it. and i ain't bad they stood up and took a stand and next year it's going to be very tough for any player to want to play for that franchise or frankly play against the franchise of honesty is the owner. >> we learned today that it's worth repeating, he was said to
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be a jackass, and we find out that he is being treated for prostate cancer than what is in some measure, that treatment led to the outrageous racist statements that he made and what he begs that case before the public? >> first of all, you don't wish that type of thing on anyone, enemies or anyone. so my prayers are with him and family for the cancer. as far as the medicine and, you know, the thought that maybe he was under some type of influence of medication, you have to look at the history. this guy has been making racist
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comments and showing a pattern of racist behavior for a long time. so some people get the benefit of the doubt, other people you can look at the red flags in the history and you can look at the lawsuit. and it's really his whole body of work that lets you know that that excuse may not cut it. >> there is so much here to discuss. but amongst those things, whatever does happen as we go forward? there has almost been a predatory quality to the number of people who are circling, even though i'm sure they don't intend it this way. but given what has happened and the seriousness and the due process that is appropriate for donald sterling, and the need to punish him and in all likelihood remove him, a number of people stepping forward to buy a franchise is, i think, unseemly.
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what is your view? >> well, if you look around the league, the franchise value is continuing. l.a. had a great coach and great players and a great market. and you know that that franchise is going to be worth a lot. so the amount of people and interests and that franchise is very high. and it's going to be a bidding war. i'm interested to see what would end up selling for. >> roger, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. roger mason junior. good to have you with us. we will be talking with our attorneys here later in the broadcast about the sterling case coming up. and time for it a look at last night's online poll results.
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you believe hillary clinton and jeb bush will be facing each other in 2016. only 11% said yes. 89% said no. please vote tonight. the question is, which congressman is your choice to chair the select committee on benghazi? trey gowdy, pete sessions, mike turner? cast your vote and later we will have the quotation of the evening. and keep your eyes out for this exciting new book. my first fiction thriller. in current law enforcement officer, the book debuts on may 6. that is tuesday, may 6, with the hardcover e-book and audio book versions, you can pre-order at or visit us at for all of the wings. we highly recommend it.
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and in fact there is no limit to our recommendation. i had a who working with jim on the book. and it's fun to write fiction. and you can say all sorts of things in the book that are maybe not fiction. we are coming right back. >> a deadly new virus was no known cure has now appeared for the first time in the united states. a full report on the alarming a full report on the alarming case of it here
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>> federal health officials have confirmed the first known case of the deadly middle east respiratory syndrome or tran-seven virus in the united states. it has turned up in indiana. any man who fell ill a week after he arrived in saudi arabia. that is where he is a health care worker. scientists expect camels to blame for this virus that has killed more than 100 people in the middle east. and turning back to the battle
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over and be a owner donald sterling, some of the legal implications, two of the best join us. criminal defense attorney doug burns, and john this billboard, good to have you both here. so what are their rights to boycott the team? >> that is one option. one way to skin this cat. the other way to skin this cat -- can we put the brakes on this for a second? because right now the public and the nba are bent on forcing the sale of the team. that is the buzz. >> i don't know if the public is, but i can play delay that there's no question that the nba has made a rare that it is. >> the nba has missed one essential thing.
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and we have not yet determined fully that his conduct was violating the actual bylaws. we sort of jump right over that. because he has a right to say hold on. what i did is not a violation. >> you agree? >> yes, i do. there are 13 different points, you go through the manual. and i want to throw in the immediate caveat that neither of us is defending the conduct. but those private conversations, it's a criminal offense and a misdemeanor to take someone without telling him and that is a very relevant part of this very that hasn't been focused on all that much. on the other reality. >> the claim is that the woman's friend is the one that released it. >> of the crime is not the dissemination by the taping of a. >> that is kind of interesting. she's the one who committed the crime.
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>> under the n rules, she makes a good point. we know if this is enough to kick them out? when the not the march in skokie was upheld, we appalled that that we detest the most. and this is not again asocial but russian. >> we already have unforeseen twists and turns. and now the president of the naacp in los angeles turns out was disbarred in michigan, disbarred in california, was refused admission back to the bar in california because he is unfit to represent your profession. and it took money to effectively give donald sterling award. so there is a corrupt system at work and we also have everyone
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in entertainment and business circling like bolter is afforded due process is begun, let alone how it has proceeded. >> there they are, i'm not going to name the names. it's crazy and the reality is that we should know whether or not he violated the policy. we should get an injunction which would stop the madness for now, whether this violates the bylaws. no one has talked about that yet. lou: this guy is a jackass. but that's not a crime in america or we would have a hell of a prison population. >> another formulation i would like people in the audience tonight to take me as i have never said something privately but i wouldn't want disseminated
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nationally. there's not a person on the planet in the category. >> thank you very much. now, based on what we are seeing coming out of the white house and their flailing efforts to explain away the benghazi scandal, this quote from aristotle might be helpful to those who are now contending with the consequences of their actions and words and their silence. the deviation is multiplied a thousand fold. we are coming back in just one moment. and yes, now is later. >> the house of representatives moving forward with its search for truth. a new select committee on benghazi and we take it up with the "a-team" on why the house
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the "a-team" on why the house speaker finally took
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♪caues ya know we'll make it through♪ >> major technology companies announcing that they plan to defy the federal government and notify some users when the government request access to their private data. companies like facebook, google, microsoft, and apple all the orderly trying to get in some elves from the nsa data collecting practices. they apparently are not trying to distance themselves with an intrusion of privacy. let's join the "a-team" now. pulitzer prize columnist michael goodwin and opinion page editor james toronto. republican strategists and spokesperson for george w. bush,
4:35 am
mercedes slap. let's begin with you. chairman darrell issa says to the secretary of state, you are subpoenaed. what do you make of that? >> well, the games aren't are on again. this is an issue that has been, typing the democrats for some time and always we could have a direct impact on the run for the presidency. and again there is new information that was not given to them during the first time they were supposed to give the documents to congress. now with judicial watch they have additional information. >> why does it take judicial watch for them to get the female? >> because the obama administration doesn't want to be open about this. and there was a video that
4:36 am
helped to spur the benghazi attack. lou: i'm not even going to put up with this. it is a joke. we knew it was a terrorist attack from the outsource. >> joe biden, september 6 of 2012, democratic national convention speech. lou: this is a more serious broadcast mackey said general motors, barack obama has a spine of steel. they had to keep going with this fiction that there's no more terrorism because barack obama is a superhero and got rid of it. >> the deception began. >> the lie, that al qaeda is on the run permeated the entire presidential campaign.
4:37 am
>> it's fascinating when you think back to that night of september 11 and the day of september 12, the night of the attack. the idea that we don't know where the president was still. and i recall the testimony of leon panetta that he and general dempsey stayed awake all night and lindsey graham asked if president obama went to sleep and he said he didn't know. then the next day he gave perfunctory remarks and then flew to a campaign event. >> we learned where the president was not. but today asserted as being excellent in the white house. so let's turn to the simple issue of a select committee.
4:38 am
this is give the power of the energy to the congress to actually get to the truth and tear down this wall? neck and reinvigorate the ability of republicans to come forth but the question of how much work and again. we need to find out the direct connection between the white house and the day department. obviously we know that this was a national security official that sent out this morning about underscoring the fact that it was an internet protest versus a broader failure policy. like you said, working at the white house. it was very clear when i saw that video, that this is a terrorist attack. so does give the republicans a chance to bring this argument back to the table. and really give peace to some of
4:39 am
the poor families that lost their family members. lou: we honor and respect those families. this has to be about governing a free nation and was morning this to the precepts of its laws and values. and that is not being offered right now. >> it sure is not. the obama administration's approach, and so far it has been effective, is to run out the clock and hope that nothing is resolved by the end of the administration. but anyway maybe they are getting overconfident. the line about having two years ago, it makes people really seem like maybe it brings it home just how appalling that is. lou: i loved that bret baier shove that dude right back into his face. so that is pathetic in its own
4:40 am
right. >> i make a quick point about john boehner. we talked with for about how he didn't do one. >> absolutely. >> but now i think that there is something new and i think that this may actually benefit the republicans are out there pushing and now they have a real reason and something that renews the vigor of the investigation. so maybe he did the wrong thing but it turned out all right. >> we will see how it turned out. so many choices that the republican leadership will have to make now that we have seen job creation and the economy could bolster itself with unseen possibilities before us now. michael good one and james and mercedes, thank you so much. a reminder to vote in our poll tonight. which congressman is your choice to tear the select committee? trey gowdy, pete sessions, mike
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turner? go to and up next, the markets finished lower. a job supported that saw the unemployment rate move much lower. lower. michael holland is with us
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>> our word of the evening. at midday, it means to reject or renounce as an how speaker john boehner has just abdicated the creation of this situation. and sometimes they work so hard here to bring things out and it just doesn't work. but we get there eventually. on wall street, stocks ended lower. concerns about violent in the
4:45 am
ukraine. the dow jones down 46, the s&p downgrade. altering indexes up 1% on the week. we wanted to get back to you immediately. gold ending a 1302 per ounce. the yield on the 10 year treasury down to 2.59%. joining me now is president of holland balanced fund who is always helpful in treating us out here. it's so great to view. >> i won't try to go through that definition again. so the market seems to have settled down. are we through this unsettled volatile period that has us looking out to great positive result? >> i think the stock market continues to have the most important support, which has been true for the last five
4:46 am
years from me to you. but the reality is that we have had to triple this in the place of the stock market and the federal reserve said they wanted to do that. house prices are that is all that they can do. they can't do any more than that. they can't make benghazi go away or jobs occur. but that is as much as they can do. >> providing a base of support. at the same time we have housing and fewer households being created and we are watching fails struggle and prices have done fairly well. there are challenges and headwinds and jobs today, it looks like a glory, hallelujah moment. what does it mean to you? >> it is just okay. for the past several months, that gives us an average of 198,000 jobs in the bill have the highest unemployment rate after five years coming out of
4:47 am
washington. all the people are watching and most of the viewers are saying where are these numbers coming from? one of the reasons is we have to go back to 1978 to find a slow and unemployment rate among the adults in the united states as we have right now. sit to 62.8%, almost unimaginable to think that that is where we are. >> as we look forward, what do you think of the market here? are we going to be a great rotation that has been much talked about from the bond market to equities? and where are we headed? >> for the bond market to hurt, you have to get a spike in inflation. i think when the federal reserve takes the punch bowl away, the quantitative easing, one that goes away interest rates will go
4:48 am
up. i don't think that there's going to be this from people in the bond market. and they think it is a rigged game. but for investors like you and i, realities have benefited by that and i think the level of the stock prices is okay. i think they probably have the economy moving higher. >> michael, always so instructive. thank you. and please be sure to listen to my financial report three times a day on the salem radio network for all of today's biggest markets and business news. liz claman is spending the weekend with warren buffett. her coverage of the annual
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berkshire hathaway annual shareholder meeting. reporting all weekend long. monday morning at 9:30 a.m. eastern right here on the fox business network. and coming up next, my commentary on what took speaker john boehner so long to come up with this investigation. that in your comments are coming right
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>> a few thoughts on speaker john boehner who announced today that he will finally that up if elect committee to investigate the benghazi scandal after
4:53 am
refusing to do so over the past year and a half. a year and a half of stonewalling by the obama administration on benghazi and also the irs targeting scandal "fast and furious", the justice department scandal and surveillance of associated press and fox news journalist. here are some of the denials and repudiations and refusals. >> i'm confident as we talk about this investigation and we understand very clearly that we have a very serious psalm obligation to get to the truth of what happened. >> i think that it will take months and months to create this. >> months and months,
4:54 am
mr. speaker, few people do disdain as well as speaker boehner. disdain for a select committee on his own colleagues or won't do what the chamber of commerce tells them to do, for example, on illegal immigration. disdain for the tea party, certainly. he also does a pretty fair payment. about a year late, but the speaker is finally ready to get serious about investigating benghazi in the white house that has covered this up for about a year and a half. two allies have led the congressional republicans who control in the 2010 elections and have earned a leading role and commerce and mike turner of ohio. he is also a senior member of
4:55 am
the oversight committee and chair of the house armed services committee. the first name mentioned on capitol hill today is that of trey gowdy of south carolina. he is a stalwart leader on both the oversight and judiciary committees and successful prosecutor as a district attorney and a u.s. attorney. they will tell us about how committed he is to the truth as well as a timely resolution of what has been a year and a half of frustration. and we have a special surprise for the authors of today's e-mails, tweets and posts, you will be receiving one of the first copies of my new book, "border war", my first fiction book with an accomplished thriller writer in the current florida state law enforcement
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officer. not for your thoughts. strong reaction on whether or not they will be facing off in 2016. things should there be a question that hillary will even run? she may not take the chance of being embarrassed and jim said what difference does it make? we will be 82,016 battle cry and she will need earplugs to dodge this. and robert said, should america proved to be so stupid as to bring upon itself such a choice as you describe, what difference does it make. our ears are already raining. e-mail us at or follow some twitter. that were faced with page. we have links to everything am that's it for us tonight. coming up on monday, former
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pentagon official kt mcfarland. thank you for joining us. have a great weekend and we will see you on monday. good night from new
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>> i'm tracy byrnes in for gerri willis. headline today, job growth jumps as unemployment rate plunges to 6.3%. there is way more important number to look at here. it is 806,000. that is a staggering number of people who dropped out of the labor force entirely. the new job engine, believe it or not is part-time work. joining to us talk about all this much more, john lonski, chief economist at moody's, david nelson, small business expert, susan salovich. jonas max ferries, my friend and founder of was anyone jumping up and down about thi


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